Tell the Story of Your Big Dream in a Guest Blog Post

man with laptopThis week as I’ve rung in the new year with a new blog series Things You Don’t Have Time NOT to Do, I’ve been blogging about dreams, tweeting about dreams, and giving away The Dream Giver book. But I want do more than that. I want to help you achieve your big dream.

Every Friday this year, I want to give someone who is pursuing their big dream the opportunity to tell their story here in a guest blog post.

My hope is that by telling your story here, you’ll receive encouragement and prayer from readers. Maybe you’ll even find some readers who want to support you financially, help them in some other way, or even join you in your dream.

I also hope that the stories of those who are already pursuing their big dream will inspire other readers to pursue their big dreams.

So, if you are pursuing your dream. Register a username and submit a guest blog post telling your story. If you can embed a YouTube video of yourself telling your story that’d be even better!

If you know someone who is pursuing their dream, invite them to tell their story.

Spread the word.

What do you think?

Big Dream Stories

Here are the dreamers who have told the story of their big dream so far:

30 Responses to “Tell the Story of Your Big Dream in a Guest Blog Post”

  1. My mom just helped me submit my dream!

  2. Hi Paul,

    This is truely a great idea! I’m looking forward to find out more about your readers dreams and goals. Who knows, perhaps you’ll be posting my story sometime this year.

    Keep going,

  3. Hello,
    Not sure if this will go anywhere…as far as my dream is concerned.

    However, as soon as I clear away some things I’m involved in, I am starting to write a book about my life. So many have urged me to do this for yrs, including my own family.

    Several have said, “They would help me, or come along as ghost writer, etc.” God bless,
    Ruth Egert

    • Sounds like a great dream! I hope you’ll chase it!

    • Hi Ruth. I just came upon your comments because Paul and I have now connected through Twitter. I wish to encourage you whole-heartedly to follow the musings of those close to you that are strongly suggesting that you pen your lifetime of wonderfully enriching experiences to print as a legacy of your giving back. I came to realize on 5-6-09, after a lengthy phone conversation with someone who’d been very close to me during my collegiate days at the University of Washington, that in me stirred some deep seated emotions surrounding the story of my life that would be an inspirational true story for hope. That day as I hung up the phone, I COMMITTED-TO-BELIEVE in the process of writing my book–100%, with nothing, or no one to stand in my way. This very act of COMMITMENT has opened up more glorious doors in my life than I could have ever hoped to DREAM in my own mind. I have friends in my life now that I used to read about in the papers and watch on television. Why? Because it all came down to three words that changed my life forever COMMIT-TO-BELIEVE. It’s one thing to believe in something your heart desires or your mind wants as its own, but it’s quite another to COMMIT to it 100%, which will release an energy flow of positivity that is none like you’ve not yet experienced. So Ruth, no matter what your age, or what “doubts or uncertainties” you may possess, it’s always about the story that needs to be told, because your story matters!! Never give up and never give in Ruth. It’s never too late!!!!! Blessings…Kevin

      • Kevin, thanks for your comment. Sounds like you’ve got a dream to share. I’d love to hear more about it and share it with Live Intentionally readers. Would you like to guest post about it?

  4. I write more tonight when I get home, but here’s the gist. I’ve had a dream for 23 years. The pieces have all fallen together in the last few days. The company I worked for moved my department to California and have given me a decent sized severance. In the three days I’ve worked for myself I’ve gotten enough work to pay me for a week at my old job. I can’t believe it’s finally happening.

    Btw, (shameless plug) if you know any smaller churches that need to know the next steps in their tech and video production let me know. (end shameless plug)

    Paul Clifford, llc.

  5. This is a great idea. I will get my big dream together for you to check out. 🙂

  6. Dreams, huh. BIG dreams? I dream of building up to running 5 miles at least 3x a week; I dream of my son becoming all he wants to be as an artist; I dream of going to law school, passing the bar and serving my community; I dream of writing a book of encouragement…and as each are accomplished they are done for His glory.†

  7. The master the art of Ki Maah and share the expression of that art with the world.

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