Things You Don’t Have Time NOT to Do: 1) Dream

I have a dream, Martin Luther King Jr.Kicking off this series Things You Don’t Have Time NOT to Do, the first thing you don’t have time not to do is dream, and dream big.

Dreams are powerful things

Without a dream, people wander around aimlessly.  With a dream, people have direction and focus.

Without a dream, people settle for routine, the comfortable, the boring.  With a dream, people pursue embark on an exciting adventure.

Without a dream, people succumb to self-defeating behavior and addictions.  With a dream, people have reason to overcome obstacles.

Without a dream, life can seem pointless.  With a dream, life has purpose and meaning.

Every person has a dream

I believe every person has a dream somewhere inside of them.  Every person has an in-born desire to do something bigger than themselves, something they are uniquely gifted and passionate about doing.

Unfortunately, most people take their dream to their grave and both they and the world are worse off because of it.

Don’t have time to dream?

Yes you do!  Every day you don’t pursue your dream, it eats away at your soul.  You become more restless and frustrated.  You do things to sooth the heartache that comes with not living your dream.  You do things to give you the adrenalin rush or sense of satisfaction that would come from pursuing your dream.  If you’re not pursuing your dream, you’re doing things to burn the time and energy that would go towards it.

Dream and you will find you have energy that wasn’t there before.  You’ll find you have the strength and perseverance to do more than you thought possible.  You’ll gain clarity as to what tasks are really important.  Some things that consume your time and seem important now, when compared to your dream will suddenly seem unimportant or even feel like impediments you want to do away with.  In other words…

You don’t have time NOT to dream!

What is your dream?

If you’re not sure, ask yourself…

  • What about this world gets you really upset?  What do you wish was different?
  • What have you always been good at?
  • What makes you feel most alive?
  • If money was no object and you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

If your answer seems too big, you feel unworthy of such a dream, or you know there’s no way you could accomplish it… good.  Nobody accomplishes their dream on their own.  Nobody accomplishes their goal as the same person they were when they too that first step.  Dreams stretch us.  They force us to grow.  They connect us with other dreamers.


  1. Can you speak to the power and impact having a dream has had on your life?
  2. What is your dream and what are you doing now to pursue it?
  3. If nothing, what’s holding you back?

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