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Roll Out the Barrel – 19th Steinbrueck Oktoberfest!

Why we’re really excited to be hosting another Oktoberfest (and the one thing I really hate about it).

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What Surprised Me Most About Haiti

It’s difficult to sum up an entire week in a couple of minutes. But after stumbling through a lot of conversations and after a lot of reflection, I think I’ve been able to distill it down to two main themes

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Bagay Ki Bon bags

Oktoberfesters Raise $500 for House of Blessings Haiti

Thanks to everyone who purchased a bag or donated to House of Blessings!

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I’m Going to Haiti in 11 Days!

I will be traveling to Calebasse, Haiti with a team to serve at the House of Blessings orphanage. Details & how you can help be a part of our effort…

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