Oktoberfesters Raise $500 for House of Blessings Haiti

Bagay Ki Bon seamstresses at House of Blessings


This past Saturday our family hosted the 18th annual Steinbrueck Oktoberfest.

Every year we do something to help a charitable organization that is doing amazing things in this world.

This year we had the opportunity to make available for sale, Bagay Ki Bon bags made by a group of women who work at the House of Blessings orphanage in Haiti.  These women are able to earn a living sewing beautiful bags and some of the proceeds go to support the kids and staff at House of Blessings.

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to spend a week at House of Blessings.  (Pics and stories from House of Blessings Hait trip.)  The kids and staff there were awesome!  I had a chance to meet some of the women who sew theses awesome bags.  And we brought back 2 suitcases full of bags to sell back here in the U.S.

Bagay Ki Bon bagsJennifer had the last minute idea to make the bags available at Oktoberfest. It turned out to be a great idea as our generous ‘festers purchased $500 of bags.

Thanks to everyone who purchased a bag or donated to House of Blessings!

If you’re interested in purchasing bags, you can do so at bagaykibon.com  (They make great Christmas gifts, hint, hint)

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