Things You Don’t Have Time NOT to Do: 2) Take Responsibility

take responsibilityIf you’ve taken the time for Thing You Don’t Have Time NOT to Do: 1) Dream, then you see a gap between the way things are now and your dreams. That gap probably causes you great angst.

People with big dreams say things like…

  • It’s heartbreaking there are so many kids in Africa who have been orphaned by AIDS!
  • It’s a ridiculous that so many people in our own country struggle in poverty while so many who are well off and could do something aren’t!
  • The kids in this church really ought to have a stronger understanding of the Bible!
  • It’s a shame this neighborhood is so run down!

Our first instinct is usually to look for the cause of the problem and start blaming others…

  • The governments in Africa should do more to get people with AIDS the needed meds and care for orphans.
  • The wealthy people of this country need to stop blaming the poor for their situation and start helping.
  • Church leaders are dropping the ball but not giving our kids the biblical foundation they need.
  • The people around here just don’t take any pride in their community.

It’s good to understand the causes of the problems we see, but usually when we’re issuing blame statements like those above what we’re really saying is, “Someone else caused this mess! Someone else ought to clean it up!”

Maybe that’s true. Maybe you have nothing to do with the problem. Maybe the fault lies 100% with other people. And maybe others ought to fix it.

But they’re not, at least not to your satisfaction. Blaming and waiting for the people who you think caused the problem to get their act together and fix it is never going to result in the realization of your dream.

If you want your dream to happen you have to take responsibility for it.

Nobody is going to make your dream come true for you. Nobody is going to hand you a fool-proof strategy for achieving your dream. And nobody is going to clear a path and give you a smooth, barrier-free road to your dream.

No, you can’t achieve your dream on your own. You’re going to need help along the way. But you have to take the lead and then rally the people around you.

“But I don’t Have Time to Take Responsibility”

Maybe you don’t have time to take responsibility for your dream in your current situation with all you’re currently doing, but I have 3 wise quotes to share with you…

Your big dream always lies outside your comfort zone… You have to choose between your dream & comfort. -Bruce Wilkenson

The way of the dreamer is difficult, but anything less is hardly living at all. -Bruce Wilkenson

Your dream will challenge, prod and haunt you until you surrender to its call. –Wayne Cordeiro

In other words, have to choose between maintaining your current lifestyle or taking responsibility for your dream. Choose the first path, and your dream will always cause you angst and regret. Choose the second, and your dream will give you hope, purpose, and fulfillment.

Can you think of a time when you blamed others for a problem and sat back and hoped someone else would fulfill your dream?

Which path will you choose now – blame or responsibility?

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