Experience Getting Things Done with This 2 Minute Experiment

getting things done - David AllenI’ve been blogging for the last week about how the Getting Things Done method of action management not only makes you more productive but greatly reduces stress. Here’s a 2 minute experiment you can do, to experience the power of Getting Things Done for yourself.

1) Write down the project or situation that is most on your mind at this moment. What is bugging you most or consuming a large part of your mental energy? Maybe it’s a project or a problem or a big decision you have to make.

2) Describe in a single written sentence, your intended successful outcome of this problem or situation. What would need to happen for you to check this thing off as done?

3) Write down the very next physical action step required to move the situation forward. Would you make a call? Write an email? Brainstorm solutions? Research something? Sit down with your spouse or a co-worker? Don’t do it, just write it down.

Good. Now how do you feel? Do you feel at least a little more relaxed and in control after this exercise? Perhaps a little more motivated to take the next step on that issue?

Now imagine doing that and feeling that way about everything in your life. That’s what Getting Things Done can do for you.

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