Win a Signed Copy of the new Book All Pro Dad by @MarkMerrill

All Pro Dad BookToday we’re reviewing, discussing, and giving away two signed copies of the brand new book All Pro Dad by Mark Merrill. Keep reading to learn how you can get a signed copy.

Just as knowing and executing the fundamentals of football are key to an NFL player becoming an All-Pro, knowing and executing the fundamentals of fatherhood are key to a father becoming an All Pro Dad. In All Pro Dad, Mark Merrill writes that to effectively execute those fundamentals, every father must know these seven essentials:

  1. Makeup – know your identity
  2. Mind-set – know your purpose
  3. Motive – know why you do what you do
  4. Method – know how to better love your family
  5. Model – know how to live with integrity
  6. Message – know what you’re trying to say with your life
  7. Master – know who or what you’re living for

In addition to sharing his own insight, Mark interviewed Tony Dungy, Wayne Huizenga, Jeb Bush, James “JB” Brown, S. Truett Cathy and several others fathers and shares their perspective on these 7 principles in the book.

Personal Thoughts

Mark Merrill writes with both the experience of a father of five and the humility of a man who acknowledges he still doesn’t always get it right.

In the book he cites one of my favorite quotes from former Steelers head coach Chuck Noll who said:

Champions are champions not because they do anything extraordinary but because they do the ordinary things better than anyone else.

All Pro Dad is an excellent “playbook” for fatherhood because of that same principle. You won’t a find a bunch of trick plays, gimmicks or quick fixes. Instead you’ll find the insight and encouragement to help you become a more fundamentally sound father each and every day.

Whether you’ve been a father for 20 years or are about to become one for the first time, whether you’ve read dozens of parenting books or none at all, and whether you had an amazing father, a horrible father or no father at all, you can learn from All Pro Dad. I think you’ll find it well worth the read.

In fact, All Pro Dad would be a great book to read, discuss and put into action with a bunch of other dads.

If you’d be reading and discussing a chapter a week for 7 weeks either offline (in the Tampa area) or online through blog posts and possibly a weekly chat, let me know. If there’s enough interest, we can make it happen.


  1. What do you think the fundamentals of being a great dad are?
  2. What are you doing to become a better dad to your kids?

Win a Signed Copy of All Pro Dad

If you’d like to win one of two signed copies of All Pro Dad, all you have to do is

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  2. Post a comment answering one of the two discussion questions above.  Be sure to include in your comment the Facebook or Twitter profile where you shared the link, too.

Two people who have shared and commented will be selected around 5 PM Eastern time Friday May 4 to receive signed copies (must be a U.S. resident to win.)

Of course, you can also buy a copy of All Pro Dad on Amazon right now.

50 Responses to “Win a Signed Copy of the new Book All Pro Dad by @MarkMerrill”

  1. Great project !

  2. Roger Anderson (roger@curbyscloset) May 1, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    To many people go to school to learn to be anything but good at the most important job – a father. Maybe we need a licensing board. You can’t paint nails but you can have kids without one.

  3. Congratulations on publishing this book.

  4. Sounds like a good gift for Father’s Day. ; )

  5. Paul, thanks for your gracious comments about the book. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. What am I doing to become a better dad to my kids? I have 3 kids with 3 very different personalities and love languages. Using the principles Mark discusses about love and leading our kids, as well as know their love language allows me to give words or affirmation to my oldest son, quality time to my middle son and gifts to me youngest a daughter.


    • That’s great Eric! In the book, Mark talks about this very principle of love languages and how important it is to ask our kids questions like, “How do you know I love you?”

  7. This is a thought that should be shared and promoted globally. There truly is a need for dads more now that ever.

  8. Wonderful! I think the monthly breakfast discussions with fathers and their kids is fantastic. Fathers may be present at home in a nurturing and high quality fashion, but men are also needed just as much in the wider communities. The emotional support a father gives to his offspring and the spiritual sense of belonging he instills in his children are priceless. Congrats Mark well done!

    • Thanks Kimberly! Women tend to be the social hub of the family and the ones engaged in their kids schools. I appreciate the way the monthly meetings have provided me opportunities to be involved in my kids school and get to know other dads.

  9. This looks like a great book and one that many Dads can benefit from. As a mom, I wish there had been something like this for us.
    I think you go into many situations with your child and pray your way through it. You hope you made the right choices but you won’t know for a long time.

    • Thanks Michelle. One of the unique aspects of All Pro Dad is that it doesn’t focus on specific issues we deal with as parents. There are certainly times when we as parents need wisdom on how to deal with specific situations, but the philosophy is if you focus on the fundamentals of being a man of integrity, putting your family first, spending time with your kids and building trusting relationships that together you will be able to deal with whatever circumstances arise.

      And FYI, Mark’s wife Susan leads a partner organization for mom’s called iMom –

  10. As a father I have spent the entirety of my daughter’s life trying to shield her from harm of any kind while at the same time build her confidence, self esteem, and understanding of the world we live in. Now the time has come when she needs to be sheltered a little less and exposed to some of life’s unpleasant realities. I won’t be dropping that “shield”, but, to be the best father I can be I DO need to lower it to a point where she can see clearly over it!

    • Rick, that is a tricky process isn’t it? The good thing is we don’t have to simply “drop the shield” and hope for the best. It’s important to develop a strong trust relationship with our kids, spend time one on one on a frequent basis, and have regular conversations on important topics.

      One of the great things about the All Pro Dad books is after each chapter it includes questions to discuss with your kids.

  11. What do you think the fundamentals of being a great dad are? Patience and tolerance – with yourself, with your child and with your spouse.
    What are you doing to become a better dad to your kids? I’m fortunate to be at the ‘moral support’ stage with my kids. Both are grown and out of the house so my role is to be available and supportive without being intrusive into their lives.

    • Thanks Jeff. A father’s role certainly changes once his kids are out on their own. The good thing is that once a man becomes a father himself he often gains a whole new appreciation for his own father (I know I did), and may become much more receptive to support and a closer relationship with his father.

  12. This sounds like a great book. One thing I’ve tried lately is putting myself in one of my child’s shoes when I say something to them. For example, if my son asks to do something simple with him, but I say “Sorry son, i’ve got xyz to do right now. Maybe later.” How might he take that based on his personal world? He may not know WHY I said no, or perhaps he had a special reason for asking that I don’t know about. Parents don’t always have all the “right” answers! 🙂


  13. I think my Dad had a good grasp of one fundamental. When I was growing up my father rarely missed any of my games. He was always there in the stands and everyone knew who he was because you could hear him yelling for me clearly on the field. I have tried my best to live o…ut that fundamental, being present as often as possible at my daughter’s events whether a softball game, a play, or a concert. That is also how I am striving to be a better dad too. I show interest in the things they love and I am trying to be present in their lives despite those times that serving the country sometimes take me away. I am especially proud of how each of my daughters have developed their own relationship with God not just taking for granted the faith that was given to them by their parents.

    • That’s awesome, Ben! One of the principles Mark emphasizes in this book is that nothing tells your kids you love them more than spending time with them.

  14. The fundamentals of a good dad involves loving your kids no matter what. Praising them whether they make an “A” or when they struggle.Letting kids no that their dad loves them.

    In becoming a better dad, I am trying to live less by the law and show more grace. With small kids that is a challenge. When your kids imitation of dad involves a lot a yelling, it may be a time to make adjustments.

    • Rich, thanks for commenting. I totally agree. One of the most important sentences in the book (which I included in today’s post of 25 quotes) is, “Our children need to know that we love them for who they are, not for what they do.”

  15. I would love to read this and maybe win a copy for my husband and the most amazing father (step-father actually) that I could have ever imagined to exist. He shattered expectations and lives to teach, nurture, guide and create a positive energy in every moment of our families journey. He is the kind of man that I would be honored to have my son grow up to emulate and for my girls to bring home to marry. Love the idea of dad high fives

    • Thanks for your comment Kristi. Glad to hear you have such a good father for your daughter. To be eligible to win a copy, you need to include the Twitter or Facebook profile where you shared a link to this post. Thanks!

  16. This is an excellent project! As I had no father to learn from, I didn’t do very well as a father, myself. This will be a wonderful tool, and I will search for a copy, to pass on to my boys.

  17. Very cool premise for a book. I’ll definitely check it out.

  18. Congratulations!
    I really love my dad! 🙂

  19. Forgot to include the link to where I shared the post.

    Guess I thought clicking the like button was enough! Enjoyed the comments as much as the article! Thanks

  20. The breakfast discussions program is fantastic. May you have much success with it!
    Bill, Lynn, and Friends of Bewitched!

  21. Before I announce the winners of the signed copies of All Pro Dad…

    Thank you so much to everyone who commented and shared this post on Facebook, Twitter and Google+! You’re awesome!

    If you like what you’ve read here, check out the All Pro Dad blog and Mark Merrill’s blog:

    Big thanks to Mark Merrill for writing this book, for offering to provide these complimentary copies and for all he does as an example and a leader for dads around the country!

    And finally… the two winners who will receive signed copies of All Pro Dad are…

    – Sean (aka @PeanutCrumbs)
    – Rich Bradford (aka @fsusma)


    For those who didn’t win, you can buy a copy online at:

  22. A fine project for a great book. Thanks Paul for offering this edition.

  23. This is exactly what kids and their fathers need today. Excellent project. Kudos.

  24. sounds like something my kids will love….

  25. I’m focusing on developing healthy habits – particularly in areas of personal discipline and being present when I’m home.

  26. very interesting, looks like a most have book!

  27. Great project, congratulatins


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