3 Things to Dislike about the World Cup (Part 3)

World Cup football/soccer divingThe drama of the World Cup continues to build.  For a while yesterday, it seemed as though host country South Africa might pull off the impossible and overcome a 5 goal differential to advance out of group play.  France completely imploded on and off the field.  And 4 teams advanced to the round of 16.

But there are still some things about the World Cup that bother me.  Not an annoying, gnat-buzzing-about-your-ear sort of bother, though.  Some aspects of the game that create disincentives to our most important values as human beings.

In part 1, I wrote about how the World Cup makes possible the injustice of fluke wins.  In part 2, we discussed playing not to lose.  Another thing I dislike about the World Cup?

3) Diving

No other sport’s referees have more influence over the outcomes of its games than those of World Cup football/soccer.  In a sport where one goal usually decides the game, free kicks are huge.  As a result World Cup football/soccer players are constantly over-dramatizing contact with other players in an attempt to get free kicks.

The rules state that diving is to be punished with a yellow card, but this is rarely enforced.

Diving is compounded by constant whining to the referees about fouls.

It reaches the pinnacle of ridiculousness when a player is supposedly fouled so hard that they need to be carried off on a stretcher, only to hop off the stretcher once it reaches the sideline, and return to the match.

Successful People Overcome

Success in real life is not achieved by focusing on those who have wronged us, over-dramatizing those wrongs, complaining about them, and expecting someone else to compensate us for those wrongs.

Successful people don’t have time to blame or complain.  They’re focused on the goal.  They keep going even when there are obstacles.  They keep going even when others foul them.

Does the diving, over-dramatizing of fouls, and complaining in World Cup football/soccer bother you?

How big a factor do you think overcoming obstacles is (rather than complaining about them) in a person’s success?

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