2014 Global Leadership Summit Session 5b: Erica Ariel Fox #gls14


New York Times Best-selling Author; President of Mobius Executive Leadership

SESSION 5: Winning From Within

  • A lecturer at Harvard Law School and the world-renowned Program on Negotiation, Fox has been published in ForbesHuffington PostBloombergThe Harvard Business Review and as an Influencer on LinkedIn
  • Her book, Winning from Within, explores a breakthrough method to drive your most important negotiations—the ones you have with yourself
  • A Founding Partner of Mobius Executive Leadership which provides organization-wide leadership development programs as well as targeted leadership development for senior leaders and top teams

Session Notes

  • I’ve been in negotiations with governments, businesses, warring parties… recently discovered the hardest people to negotiate with… children. 🙂
  • We miss out on many of life’s most meaningful opportunities because we can negotiated successfully with ourselves.
  • How many of you have made a plan and then found yourself deviating from the plan?  Have you ever said yes when you wanted to say no? Have you ever wanted to take a risk but then played it safe?
  • There’s a gap – your performance gap – between what you do when you’re at your best and what you actually do in real life.
  • Part of being a “ruthlessly developmental leader” (Bill Hybels’ term) is closing those gaps.
  • Most of us think of ourselves as singular, but another way of looking at who you are is as plural.
    • “a hero with a thousand faces…”
    • when we look at scans of the brain each of us is more like an orchestra than a soloist
    • I like to think of these different parts of ourselves as negotiators
    • Focus on these 4:
      • The dreamer – your inner CEO
      • The thinker – your inner CFO
      • The lover – your inner VP of HR
      • The warrior – your inner COO, cares about execution
    • Are there 1 or 2 parts of me I use well but other parts I leave behind?
    • Is there a dream I’ve abandoned because the specific idea is no longer possible? Is there another form of the dream that is possible?
    • To appeal to thinkers, articulate a business case for the morally right decision.
    • People want to know that you care about them as an end unto itself.
    • If people think every interaction is transactional, it’s difficult to [engage people in your mission]
    • If you have a team where 1 voice dominates the conversations & decisions, it’s not an optimal team. That’s true of our internal team as well.
    • Before you go into a tough conversation, picture in your mind the name and face of someone you love. It will soften your heart.
    • If you want to work on warrior
      • Find some things to say no to.
      • Is there a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding? Try having that difficult conversation in a kind way.
  • Do I have all 4 parts of myself working well?  Don’t think “no.”  Think “not yet”

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