2014 Global Leadership Summit Session 4: Patrick Lencioni #gls14


Best-selling Business Author; Founder and President, The Table Group

SESSION 4: The Most Dangerous Mistakes Leaders Make

  • Author of ten business books with more than three million copies sold, including The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business
  • A leading organizational consulting firm, The Table Group advises clients with ideas, products and services to improve teamwork, clarity and employee effectiveness
  • Named as one of The Gurus You Should Know, Fortune Magazine and America’s Most Sought-After Business Speakers, The Wall Street Journal
  • Patrick continues to be one of the Summit’s most requested speakers

Session Notes

  • Mistake #1: Becoming a leader for the wrong reason
    • If a person doesn’t have a cause or a reason, they want to be a leader because they want to be known as the one who change the world
    • A true leader wants to sacrifice themselves for the cause even if there may not be any personal ROI.
    • I’m tired of hearing about servant leadership… because I don’t think there’s any other kind.
  • Mistake #2: Failing to embrace vulnerability
    • “Never let them see you sweat…” No, the people around us already know we’re sweating before we do.
    • When we fail to embrace vulnerability people will not trust us.
    • When the leader is not willing to be vulnerable, it’s time to say the Serenity prayer. 🙂  Seriously… speak to the leader privately.
    • When you’re willing to be vulnerable, people will walk through walls for you.
    • It’s tough to be pastor and manager at the same time.
    • If you’re not willing to be vulnerable as a pastor, you’ll have much bigger problems than not making your numbers.
  • Mistake #3: Making leadership too important
    • We can get caught up in our identity as a leader and lose sight there are other aspects that are more important (child of God, spouse, parent)
  • The thing all 3 mistakes have in common – pride
    • The antidote is humility
    • By inventing humility as a
    • Do I think my success as a leader comes down to bringing something into existence or being docile to the will of God even if that leads to failure?

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