Servibration IV: Help Me Celebrate My Birthday by Allowing Me to Serve You

birthday cake lots of candlesToday is my birthday – number 41. Woohoo!  OK, I’ll be honest the number kind of makes me cringe.

Several family members have asked me what I’d like for my birthday.  It’s a tough question because I don’t lack anything.  I am remarkably blessed with a loving wife, 3 amazing children, lots of friends, work that is both challenging and meaningful, and most importantly I have hope and a future thanks to the amazing grace of God.

I think the best gift anyone could give me would be the opportunity to serve them, to make a difference.  It would really make this day meaningful for me.  So…

Help me celebrate my birthday by giving me the opportunity to serve you

  • How can I serve you today?
  • What question can I answer for you?
  • What favor can I do for you?
  • What can I give to you?
  • What can I do to make this day better or brighter for you?

If you’re looking for ideas and examples, here’s a look back at Servibration IServibration II, & Servibration III.

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