Twitter Updates for 2011-07-12

  • New our Kenya trip blog… Day 5: The People of the Nakuru Landfill – #
  • As if poverty & AIDS were not enough 2 deal with, all 4 wheels were stolen off 1 of the Springs of Hope vans last night #
  • If you missed 'em yesterday… Twitter Updates for 2011-07-11 – #
  • Today we'll be visiting ppl in the nearby slum of Ronda and AIDS support group. Would appreciate ur prayers. #
  • For those who have been praying for Daniel, here's a pic of him and his son, David, from Sunday #
  • Pics from Sunday at Springs of Hope – #
  • Worshipped, prayed & brought flour & mattresses 2 the ppl of Nakuru Nazarene Church. Received much more than we gave #
  • Bringing food & prayer to families like Magdaline's #
  • We just picked up a young woman named Mercy who has a 103+ fever & other complications & r taking her 2 hospital. #
  • Arrived @ hospital. R driver gave a hearty handshake 2 driver of a hearse that was leaving. Not sure I like that they know ea other so well. #
  • RT @CowboyMinistry: @paulsteinbrueck God bless you Paul and let her know we are praying for her. #prayerforMercy // Thank you! #
  • Aft getting Mercy in2 hospital, we brought Milicent home. She was in hosp for 40 days & while there thieves stole everything from her home. #
  • RT @itsalldandy: wow! What ur doing reminds me of Mother Teresa.. Keep it up! // Blessed 2 b a small part. Rev Ben does this every day #
  • Got word from the hospital Mercy will b fine with antibiotics. Yea, God! Thx 4 ur prayers! #

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