2013 Global Leadership Summit Session 7b: Dr. Henry Cloud

Henry Cloud 2013Acclaimed Leadership Expert, Best-selling Author

Session 7: Reversing the Death Spiral of a Leader

  • Imparting practical and effective wisdom for improving leadership skill and workplace performance, he is the author of more than 20 books, including the four-million sellingBoundaries series
  • His executive coaching and consulting practice works to improve the leadership capacities of CEOs and their executive teams, helping them implement culture and performance strategies
  • Frequent contributor to CNN and Fox News Channel
  • As a clinical psychologist and businessman, he built a company which operated 40 successful medical facilities across the western United States

Session Notes

  • Leaders don’t blame they take ownership.
  • Leaders do hard things and take charge.
  • The hardest thing a leader has to be ridiculously in charge of is him or herself.
  • Why do leaders spiral out of control of their leadership of themselves?
  • Hire the optimistic black sheep
  • #1 trait for leaders to get from here to there is belief
  • Everyone starts out believing they can get from A to B, but somewhere along the way they face a situation they can’t control and that begins the downward spiral.
  • We were designed to live in a cause and effect world.
  • The brain begins to change…
    • 1) Personal – interpret it as “I’m not good enough”
    • 2) Pervasive – it’s not just that one, it’s everyone
    • 3) Permanent – it’s always going to be this way, it’s never going to change
  • Science and the bible always agree in a place called… reality.
  • How to get out of the downwards spiral? Reverse the 3 Ps.
    • 1) Log your negative thoughts and dispute it. (If you’re a person of faith, cite scripture)
      • Everything is not bad, there’s some good in your life.
      • Every great movie has crisis scenes. Remember, your life is a movie not a single scene.
    • 2) Get back in control
      • Create 2 columns, in 1 right down what you can’t control. Then write in the other column the things they can control.
      • Everyone has control of something. There’s always something you can do.
    • 3) Connect
      • Your brain runs on 3 things – oxygen, glucose, and relationships
      • The opposite of bad is not good, the opposite of bad is love.
      • When you’re connected with others, you stop think about what’s good and bad and start doing things.
      • Study w monkeys, just by putting the monkey’s buddy in the cage, their stress level dropped by 50%
  • What God wants in you is an “I’ll find a way” attitude.

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