2013 Global Leadership Summit Session 3b: Chris Brown

Chris Brown 2013Co-Senior Pastor and Teaching Pastor, North Coast Church

Session 3: Right Title…Wrong Kingdom

  • North Coast Church is the Evangelical Free denomination’s largest church with 9000+ attendees, 25 services and multiple campuses
  • One of four Senior Pastors in North Coast’s innovative co-leadership system, considered a ground-breaking model for churches globally
  • A uniquely-gifted Bible teacher, his authentic narrative style has facilitated North Coast to grow both larger and younger
  • Passionate about developing communication gifts in young leaders, he serves as Adjunct Professor at Bethel College, and was formerly Campus Pastor at Azusa Pacific University

Session Notes

  • Story of David and Goliath. Goliath was calling out Saul and Saul knew he wasn’t up for it.
  • Spiritual leadership will always be different from secular leadership.
  • “Saul kept a jealous eye on David.”
  • Sometimes when we lose our title, we gain our character and our usefulness for God.
  • We have to keep in mind… whose kingdom is this?
  • Mark 10:42-45
  • It’s not about greatness but serving others.
  • You serve your staff, you make them better.
  • Insecure leaders need that title and position, but a secure leader will pick up the towel and serve.
  • Are you asking me to give up my title?  No, Jesus is.
  • North Coast has a shared leadership structure – 4 senior pastors who share that title.
  • We don’t care who teaches the message as long as the message is being taught.
  • Shared leadership is not for every leader. This is only for those who want to be great.
  • We have a  lot of personality-driven ministries whose boards are worried about succession. Who can we get to fill the seats?
  • Why are young leaders leaving? Because we (older leaders) are there.
  • It all comes down to pride and ego.
  • 3 questions:
    • 1) Do you have room in your chariot for a David or Joseph?
    • 2) Do I expand His kingdom or my reputation?
    • 3) What difference is the Holy Spirit making in the way I lead?
  • Romans 12:1-2
  • If a non-believer had my job and my skill set, would they be doing it differently? That answer better be yes.

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