Infographic: The Success Indicator

Saw this graphic shared by Anthony Trimble

the success indicator

What do you think of the list of attributes of successful and unsuccessful people?  Accurate?  Inaccurate?  Anything missing from one side or the other?

As you look on the unsuccessful side, anything that makes you cringe and say, “Ugh, that’s me. I need to stop that?” Anything on the successful side that jumps out at you as an area where you want to grow?

7 Responses to “Infographic: The Success Indicator”

  1. im really moved by your thought-provoking article…honestly i have encountered a problem an my road to success and dont know how to work it..hope i have found the right site to secure my road to success

  2. I love this infographic. Unsuccessful people have lot of negative thoughts toward themselves and towards others.

    • That’s true, Mike. Successful people also do the work of dreaming, planning, taking action & helping other, while unsuccessful people seem to be more interested in tearing others down in a fruitless effort to try to look better by comparison.

  3. This is one very detailed infographic that I have to agree. Successful people are more positive with their outlook in life and treat things with confidence.

  4. Hey Paul, I was wondering how you define success?

    • Hi Paul, that’s a great question. I define success simply as achieving a goal. That leaves the door open for everyone to be “successful” based on their own personal goals. I distinguish success from significance, which is based on ones values and worldview.

      How about you? How would you define success?

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