Can You and Social Media Help Make a Memorable 15th Anniversary?

paul and jennifer weddingNext month (March 21) my beautiful bride and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Woohoo!  (And yes, I did used to have hair, though not a digital camera.)

Every year is important, but those numbers that are divisible by 5 and 10 seem to take on more meaning. So, I’d like to do something especially memorable for our 15th anniversary. I’ve arraigned for my parents to take our 3 children for the weekend of March 8-10, but I haven’t figured out where we’re going to go or what we’re going to do. (Yes, I know, that’s only 10 days away.)

I had this crazy idea…

Check it out in this 3 minute video:

I’m connected with 10’s of thousands of people through Twitter, Google+, Facebook and this blog. Maybe one of you has the place or the connections to help me create a truly memorable anniversary?

  • Perhaps you’re the manager at an amazing resort and could comp us a suite?
  • Perhaps you have a spectacular timeshare or vacation home we could use for the weekend?
  • Connections to a show, event or restaurant that’s impossible to get into?
  • Maybe you’d like to fly us on your private plane somewhere amazing?

In addition to the awesome feeling you’ll get from making this memorable experience possible for Jennifer and I, I will be tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming, G+ing and blogging about the experience. It’ll make for a great story about the power of social media, so who knows how far it will spread.


We live in the Tampa area and because we’ve only got a weekend, I figure we can probably go anywhere within a 2-3 hour direct flight (including possibly the Caribbean or Central America).

If you’re up for a crazy idea like connecting through social media to help make our anniversary amazing, please share your idea with me through the contact form.

If you personally don’t have the place or connections to make this happen, but are crazy and curious enough to see if this might work, please share this post in social media.

Thank you!

3 Responses to “Can You and Social Media Help Make a Memorable 15th Anniversary?”

  1. Thanks to everyone who spread the word. Unfortunately, the idea turned out to be a bust as no one offered any memorable activities or places to stay. But that’s life – sometimes you try things that don’t work out.

    I made arrangements for the best, most memorable weekend I could come up with. That’s all I’m saying for now. 🙂

    I’ll share more about it here on the blog and/or via social media, so subscribe or following me on Twitter, G+, etc

  2. Congratulations for having a happy marriage for 15 years. That is quite an achievement already. Whatever you two may do to celebrate, it will be memorable for sure especially when you are with the love of your life.

  3. Dear paul…

    Thank yout to Our God,who give u a beautyful merried with ur wife.Not everyone so luck as you.But God never wrong with His way. If God can Bless a people who loving Him,I belive He can blessing me too with His great blessing. U know,there’s so much people out side never know about our Father,about the true. They was so unluck,so I make pray for them and I give my live to God so I can dedicated my life to them. To loving and to share About great live. Because I have dark live before…and I know with Him I’m nothing.congratulation paul for ur 15th merried. Be a good husband for ur wife and good father for ur son.have nice day.

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