10 Leadership Lessons from George Washington

george washington crossing the delewareAll Pro Dad has a great post up today about George Washington’s leadership. The author writes:

Approximately 2,500 American soldiers died in Valley Forge that year.  Why? Yes, these men loved freedom.  But according to historian David McCollough, it was mainly their love for Washington. They would go anywhere with him and do anything for him. They knew how much Washington cared for them and how he put himself in harm’s way.  In earlier battles, Washington’s two horses were shot out from under him and four bullets passed through his coat. The American soldiers knew this. And bled for him.

What made Washington such a great leader?

  • He believed in his men.
  • He was a man of exemplary character.
  • He placed the welfare of his men ahead of his own.
  • He was personally invested in the cause.
  • He was a man of deep faith who demonstrated that via his actions.

For the other 5 qualities that made Washington a great leader, read the full post titled 10 Leadership Lessons from George Washington.

What stands out to you about George Washington’s leadership? In what way(s) are you inspired to be a better leader as a result?

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  1. This is my first comment on anything on the internet other than facebook. I am surprised more have not said anything, but I should not be, as American schools systems have turned American leaders into villains. Most of the founding fathers were men of great faith. If the character of George Washington was even preached how this country would change. Recently I watched a TV program called American Ride – this biker dude (really) traveled to historical spots all over the US. WOW he told it like it was, who ran from a battle and who fought and died. The TV host had deep love and honor for Washington, telling how his men found him in deep prayer just before the battle of Trenton. How Washington’s prayer turned the battle that God’s answer was not one American was lost in battle.
    Please don’t stop bring these holy principle’s of godly men into the business world.

  2. Thanks for the comment Thomas. I checked out American Ride. Episodes can be watched online:


    Great stuff! We need to continue to tell and retell the great stories of our forefathers that epitomize our values.

  3. Paul,
    I think one of the biggest things that stands out to me among the great leaders of that time – is that they were out there on the battlefields just like the men they were leading. In today’s world, I love when a leader is not too high in position that they won’t get down and get dirty.

    • I agree Gretchen. I believe it comes down to humility and commitment to the cause. If you’re “all in” for the cause of your organization, then when push comes to shove you do whatever it takes no matter how “down and dirty” the task may seem.

  4. George Washington is undoubtedly one of the best leaders in history. If only every leader follows his good examples, then this world would be a better one.

    • That’s certainly true, Sarah. And since I don’t have influence with every leader, I start where I do have influence… If I followed Washington’s example, this world would be a better place. And if I inspired and mentored other leaders to follow Washington’s examples, this world would be an even better place.

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