12 Things to End When 2012 Ends

20132012 will end in just a few days.  Douglas Poole has an excellent blog post out today listing 12 other things it’d be good to bring to an end along with the old year.

  1. A grudge – Forgive, let go and move on. Failing to forgive is like drinking rat poison and waiting for the rat to die.
  2. That unhealthy relationship – No need to be mean, just wise. Then put boundaries in place to keep their junk from fouling up your life any more than it already has.
  3. Blame – Accept responsibility for what is yours and move forward.
  4. Isolation – We are not healthy when we are alone.
  5. Waiting for certainty – Take the God-led risk and start creating.
  6. Excuses – Find a solution.
  7. The justification of mediocrity – It has never changed anything.
  8. A rut – Blaze a new path.
  9. The quest for perfection – It is shallow and totally uninteresting.
  10. The pursuit to be a copy – You were put here to be you.
  11. “Someday…” talk – Start living today.
  12. Stuckness – Left foot, right foot, breathe; left foot, right foot, breathe.

Thanks to Douglas for allowing me to repost this list from his blog.

Anything you plan on leaving behind in 2012?

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  1. Excellent list! They are all very relevant… and very inhibiting. We thank the Lord that He loves us where we are… but always calls us forward. Thanks for sharing this inspiring list!

    Misty & Kristy

  2. Thank you very much for the list provided to start a new year.A new useful life. Thank you again.

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