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Aryn Video Blogs her Book Review of The Stephanies by Lexi Hendricks

the stephanies by lexi hendricksToday I bought the Kindle version of the new children’s book The Stephanies, which was written by 6 year old Lexi Hendricks with a little help from her dad, Kevin.  What an awesome daddy-daughter project, right?

After dinner this evening, my 5 year old daughter, Aryn, and I read the book together on my iPhone.

Since Kevin has done such a great job helping his daughter Lexi follow in his footsteps as an author, I figured the least i could do would be to help my daughter follow in my footsteps as a book reviewer.  So, here is Aryn’s first ever video book review…

A funny side note, while The Stephanies is about 2 girls named Stephanie who live next door to each other, Aryn (pronounced Erin) actually has a friend named Erin who lives in our neighborhood & rides the same bus.

For the month of November we’re sharing. Half the profits fromThe Stephanies will go to First Book, an organization that gives kids in need access to books.

You can learn more about the book & watch video of Lexi reading it on The Stephanies website.

8 Responses to “Aryn Video Blogs her Book Review of The Stephanies by Lexi Hendricks”

  1. Well that was awesome. Can’t wait to show Lexi when she wakes up tomorrow! Thank you.

  2. Lexi’s reaction: “Nah, boys like it too!” Very cool. Thanks!

  3. I love how her demeanor changed when she got excited about telling that there were 3 Stephanies. 🙂

  4. Wow! You guys are great! I want to have daddy-daughter project too. My daughter is into baking, So I think I’ll need more practice.

    • That’s cool. I hope you’ll do a lot of baking together. And if you wanted to go public, I bet there aren’t many daddy-daughter cooking blogs/youtube channels.


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