“The Thinker” vs “The Doer”

Check out this thought-provoking, action-inspiring cartoon.

What do you think? Care to share your thoughts? Or take some action? 🙂

4 Responses to ““The Thinker” vs “The Doer””

  1. I have known a lot of doers that were off doing that did not worry about whether what they were doing was, in fact helpful. Thinkers are often more concerned with the effects, and sometimes don’t do enough.

    I have a masters in social work. I can tell you that there was a very large contingency of my class that was quite resistant to research and evaluation. (I think the same happens in the church world). The act of doing was seen as enough. But it doesn’t take long to realize that a lot of our doing is actually harmful.

    We need both, and we need both tied to one another so that the actor can’t act without the thinker thinking. And the thinker can’t think without the actor acting on those thoughts.

    Overly simplified, but I think in general true.

    • Great point Adam. I think there is danger in doing without thinking and thinking without doing.

      Each of us probably has a bias towards one or the other, which is why it’s beneficial to have teams that include both, though they would probably like to strangle each other at times. 🙂

  2. Very interesting picture. I love to think and I also know I must do. The irony of the mater is that you need to think to do. Either one on its own is folly. One must do some throat thinking, which could involve research before they are able to do anything tangible.

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