Remember the past, but don’t let it keep us from our future. #September11

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

We remember the people who lost their lives. We remember the heros who put themselves at risk to help others. We remember the way 9/11 changed our perception of the world – that we are never completely safe, that any day may be our last.

But let us not be shackled by fear or bitterness or anger.

Let us move forward to a better future where courage overcomes fear, forgiveness overcomes bitterness, and love overcomes hate.

September 11 Remember past future

What are your thoughts today as we remember 9/11?

5 Responses to “Remember the past, but don’t let it keep us from our future. #September11”

  1. “Let us move forward to a better future…”
    Well said, Paul!

  2. A good message to share with others today. Thank you, Paul

  3. Very true Paul, Being able to move beyond the pain and refrain from vengeance and bitterness is essential for us as individuals and as a nation.

    Forgiveness in whatever way you can conceive it is the key, and compassion, and steadfastness.


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