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wrecked-book-jeff-goinsToday we’re reviewing, discussing, and giving away a copy of the brand new book Wrecked by Jeff Goins. Keep reading to learn how you can win a copy.

Wrecked is a book about the life we’re afraid to live—one full of radical sacrifice and selfless service. It’s a look at how we discover fulfillment in the least likely of places.

There have been a number of books written in recent years that inspire and challenge people (Christians specifically) to get out of their comfort zone and live a life of risk and sacrifice – The Barbarian Way by Erwin McManus, Crazy Love by Francis Chan, Radical by David Platt come to mind. I believe we have an epidemic of safe, comfortable “Christians” in the U.S. So, even if Wrecked offered nothing new, I would enjoy it, appreciate it and recommend it.

But Jeff Goins does provide a unique, insightful perspective through Wrecked.

Jeff has lived his own adventures – doing some of his undergrad work in Spain, touring as guitarist in a band, hanging out with some homeless people in Nashville, and creating a popular blog. But he’s also married, works a “regular job,” and has a new baby.

While many “get out of your comfort zone books” have been all about not settling, in Wrecked, Jeff not only challenges readers to “get wrecked” by experiencing firsthand the challenges of those who live with hardship (poverty, illness, injustice), but he addresses the challenge unique to this Millennial Generation of “getting wrecked” through commitment.

It’s this weird, messy mix of risk and commitment from a 20-something millennial writer who understands both which makes Wrecked a good book that will challenge you.


  1. Do you agree with the premise of Wrecked that the most fulfilling life is lived by not pursuing our own comfort but through self-sacrifice and service?
  2. Have you been Wrecked by stepping out of your comfort zone and stepped into the brokenness of this world and found that you couldn’t go back to living a self-centered, comfortable life?   If so, what was that like?
  3. If you’ve had a Wrecked experience, what happened afterwards?  Did you find a way to  address the brokenness you experienced?

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$158 of Gifts

If you buy a copy of Wrecked this week, Jeff will give you 6 additional gifts worth $158.  These gifts include an electronic copy of Wrecked, an audio version, a 10 week action plan and more!  If you win the copy I’m giving away, you’ll get these gifts as well.

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34 Responses to “Win a Copy of Wrecked by @JeffGoins plus $158 of Gifts”

  1. After a life-long struggle with what I thought was depression, I was wrecked. I didn’t have the strength to go on and it landed me in the emergency room. There I was connected with a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. After 3 months of intensive therapy I am a changed woman – or perhaps – the woman I was always meant to be. For the first time in my life I feel I have a reason to live. I know now what I was meant to do. I suffered for years so that I could understand suffering. I have been helped so that I can help others – @amandarubin

    • Wow Amanda! Glad to see you were able to preserve through those challenges and are now using that experience to help others. Way to go! Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us here.

  2. Has my life been wrecked? Yep. Seven years into a fairly successful consulting career with a large, multinational firm, I felt very blessed by all God had given me. And very convicted as I learned, while sitting in a Perspectives course, about how many peoples of the world still had no opportunity to hear the gospel in a relevant way. Months later, I found myself overseas with no paycheck but interacting with people hungry for real life. That was almost 20 years ago, and I’ve never looked back (though admittedly, we may need to wreck more than once in our lives!).

    – Brian

    • Awesome Brian! I’m so glad you acted on that conviction, got wrecked, and then continued to act out of that transforming experience.

      I totally agree that we need to be “re-wrecked” on a regular basis. 🙂 The book goes into that a bit.

  3. I agree with the premise of Wrecked that the most fulfilling life is lived by not pursuing our own comfort but through self-sacrifice and service. Although I haven’t (yet) experienced that level of discomfort, I am strongly committed to the concept that we only have significance in this world by demonstrating leadership; and we only demonstrate leadership by self-sacrifice and service to others. Thus far, my greatest discomfort in life has been the death of my wife of 21.5 yrs, and the resultant single parenting of an 11 year old son and 6 year old daughter. Now, 16 years later, I’m thrilled to report that my daughter has graduated college with a degree in elementary special education, and my son has been named the VFW National Fire-Medic for 2012! [Truth be told – their mother did a phenomenal job raising them prior to her death, I simply managed NOT to mess ’em up since then!]

    • Thanks Jim. I think some of us have to step out of our comfort zone to get Wrecked while others get forced out through circumstances. Either way, the important thing is that by suffering with others our heart breaks for them to the extent that we willingly give up our comfort to help them.

      Glad to hear your kids are doing so well. I’m sure you had a lot more to do with their success than you know.

  4. My world was wrecked in February on a trip to visit an orphanage in Guatemala with a group of Young Life teenagers. My wife and 2 of my children also went on the trip.

    I connected with one of the workers at the orphanage and together we have set in motion several things.

    I am assisting him with forming a non-profit, working on several social media initiatives and creating a funding mechanism to assist with the work and hopefully fund several other workers. We paln to launch the projects before thanksgiving.


  5. A couple of years ago I had the experience that living poor is terrible. Because my forster family brought me to an area of poornes.
    My biggest dream is to get children out of the living poor and give them a week holiday vacation. The problem is you get them for a week and then their back in the old situation So I need to do something else.

  6. I do agree that life is fulfilling when you step out of comfort zones and decide to give instead of receive ~ change begins from within and while everybody talks about it and agrees with it, it’s just easier to move back to our comfort zone.

  7. I was an IT Manager making good dollars but I got so run down I resigned. Now I am setting up a learning centre for children with dyslexia.

  8. This summer I was one of 11 people from my church who went to Kenya on a mission trip. I stepped out of my comfort zone and showed God’s love to the people of Kenya. This changed my life by seeing how other live in this world. God showed me that I need to not worry about tomorrow because of the people that I met on this trip. I saw their joy and love for others despite the fact of their poor living conditions. God forever changed me by stirring my heart to reach others in my own community for God.
    Twitter: BrianTooley1

  9. Paul – you are a wonderful friend to Jeff to champion his book on so many platforms. It is a great gift to step outside one’s comfort zone and give more to others than seems possible. Thank you for sharing this vital message. With respect & gratitude, – Nadine

    • Thanks Nadine. I’m passionate about helping people live the best, most meaningful life they can. And I agree with Jeff that is not a comfortable, self-centered life, but a difficult life of self-sacrifice.

      I’m excited to be able to point people to Wrecked. If I can do that, and reading the book inspires a few people to lead more meaningful, impactful lives, I’ll be ecstatic!

  10. It is always amazing to see what can blossom and come to fruition from the depths of despair.

    PS: Paul, do you know William Parkyn personally? I’m going to reply to his comment directly, but in case it does not come before his eyes it would be great to have another avenue. I cannot say with certainty, but a friend of mine may have knowledge to share with him for the learning center.
    If you could share with William my FB info so that he could contact me. I thank you in advance for any help.

    Bill and Friends of Bewitched.

  11. Great job promoting the book! I put word out folks just last night, and know of about 10 planning to put orders in — as soon as Amazon gets it restocked, that is! It was OOS earlier this morning. May God move many toward greater faith and living for Him with reckless abandon.

    • Brian, that’s great to hear you’ve got a good group of people planning to buy the book.

      The Amazon out of stock message is a mistake. Jeff told me they have plenty of books. People can buy today and will receive them without delay. Let those folks know that and let them know that if they order today or tomorrow they can get those 6 gifts worth $158.

  12. Alrighty folks it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Actually the moment you’ve really been waiting for is the one in which you first get a copy of Wrecked in your hands, but the second most anticipated moment is here. It’s time to find out who won the copy of Wrecked I’m giving away.

    Before I get to that, though. Thanks to everyone who has helped to spread the word about Wrecked by sharing this post. Right now it’s already up to 110 retweets, 98 likes and 51 +1s. Woohoo! Way to go!

    And big thanks to everyone who commented and shared their story of how they got Wrecked.

    The winner of the copy of Wrecked as randomly selected by is…

    Darrell West – @Westsox

    Congrats Darrell! I’ll contact you privately to get the address where you’d like the book shipped and I’ll get the 6 gifts to you as well.

    To everyone else, I hope you’ll buy copy and read it. You can order a copy on Amazon right here – Amazon says they’re out of stock, but Jeff has contacted them about that and has assured me that that’s a mistake and Amazon can get your book to you without delay.

    Just a reminder that to get the 6 additional gifts worth $158 you must purchase Wrecked today or tomorrow.

    That’s all for now but let’s keep the momentum going. Keep sharing this post and sharing your Wrecked stories in the comments.

  13. Paul Keep it up !!

  14. There are real life challenges where you can experience first hand living for a week on $2.00 per day. Flip side is read the book.

  15. This sounds like an interesting read. I remember being “wrecked” financially about 15 years ago thinking “What good could ever come from this”. But I learned to serve despite my circumstances and have only been blessed.

    • Michael, thanks for sharing that part of your story. I’m glad to hear God was able to work through those trying circumstances to bless you and help you grow.

  16. Have you been Wrecked by stepping out of your comfort zone and stepped into the brokenness of this world and found that you couldn’t go back to living a self-centered, comfortable life? If so, what was that like?; Absolutely. Went off to Afghanistan to help our distant neighbors rebuild. Along the way, we shared our lives and faith journeys with one another. Spent 5 years doing it. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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