Are You Living Under, Over, From, For or With God? [video]

Skye Jethani WithWatch this excellent video by Skye Jethani as he explains 4 common misconceptions about God and how they compare with the relationship God really wants with us.

How do you primarily view your relationship with God? Do you live your life under God? Over God? From God? For God? Or with God? If you’re not sure, think about the last few times you prayed. What did you talk about with Him?

This video is based on the concepts of Skye’s latest book, titled With. If this topic interests you, Josh Tandy, aka Rookie Pastor, is giving away 5 copies on his blog.

2 Responses to “Are You Living Under, Over, From, For or With God? [video]”

  1. purpose of living is not always about ‘using god’ as you keep mentioning.

    You must be thankfull and praiseworthy in good and bad circumstances. Gods not there to be used, rather we can say to support. instead of saying i want this this that from god, we should ask god to lead us to the right path for the best in the hereafter, because this world is nothing compared to the hereafter.
    being a proud 14 year old male muslim. I proudly beleive in jesus being one of the prophets in islam.

    Mohammed, Jesus, Moses…. 3 prophets, 1 message, ISLAM.

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s good to see a young man who is interested in discussing and learning more about spiritual things. What Skye is saying in the video is that life is never supposed to be “using God,” but that is how many people are relating to God. God always intended to do life WITH us.

      I’m curious… you said Jesus is one of the prophets, have you read the bible and read what Jesus said about himself? Have you read the historical records of Jesus death and resurrection?

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