2011 Global Leadership Summit Session 3b Notes: Seth Godin #wcagls

Seth GodinWith a #1 marketing blog, top 100 website Squidoo and twelve bestselling books (including The Purple Cow, Tribes, and latest release, Linchpin), marketing guru Seth Godin is one of the most imaginative free-thinkers in the world today. He makes a career out of perpetually re-inventing himself and his businesses—spreading powerful ideas and delivering something remarkable every day. Godin believes you can be remarkable too. He creates disequilibrium that pushes you to get grounded in what you believe, while firing up your creative prowess to face head-on the roadblocks in your ministry, work and life. Godin is contagious. Spend time with him and shake your brain.


  • Someone here today is going to do something that changes everything.
  • Betty Crocker’s entire model was to make average products for average people.
  • We have this notion that if we just get our product out there and promote it that it will be successful.
  • The TV-industrial complex. Buy ads, sell more products, make more money, buy more ads…
  • Mass is built into our culture.
  • Right now we’re in the midst of a revolution.  Music industry, newspaper industry, TV…
  • Revolution destroy the perfect and enable the impossible.
  • We’re seeing the death of the industrial age.
  • It’s being replaced by a new age.
  • An age of tribes…
  • Exercise… clap in unison & don’t stop until i say stop
  • Every group has always succeeded in clapping in unison.
  • We have a need to be in sync
  • We get in sync in tribes and tribes need leaders.
  • There’s an opportunity on the table in front of us… is it your opportunity?
  • The means of production now… the laptop.  You have the same tool that everyone else has.
  • Is this the end of the job?
  • There’s something after the job… the artist.
  • The first person who put a urinal in an art gallery was an artist. The second person who did it was a plumber.
  • Art is doing something you haven’t done before with someone else for someone else.
  • Assembly lines lead to not only interchangeable parts but interchangeable people.
  • We send people to school and teach them to comply so we can ignore them.
  • You have a chance in this post-industrial age to do things differently.
  • How do I get there? Where’s the map?  There is no map.
  • There is no map for being an artist.
  • Competence is no longer sufficient to get a job.
  • The problem with the race to the bottom is you might win.
  • If you can write it down, I can get someone to replace you.
  • Local is like cheap, it’s not going to get you where you want to go.
  • Bowling is not that popular sport because you’re aiming for perfect.
  • We don’t need you to memorize facts – we can look them up. We need you to solve interesting problems.
  • Don’t wait to get picked. Pick yourself.
  • It is impossible to do art and always succeed. If failure is not an option, success is not an option.
  • Every revolution destroys what was there before, before it creates something new.
  • Too many people are walking around holding on to something while it rots.
  • Why didn’t anyone get off the plane?  Because if they get off the plane, it’s there fault, but if they stay on the plane it’s United’s fault.
  • Make art. Give gifts. Lead. Make a difference.
  • How was your day?  If your answer is “fine” you’re not making art, not putting yourself on the line.
  • What the world is begging for is to lead them.
What was your biggest takeaway(s) from Seth Godin’s talk? What action step(s) are you going to take?

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  1. I. Am SO grateful you took these notes since I was mesmerized, and took none!


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