8 Funny, Touching Mother’s Day Videos

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Nothing says “I love you” like posting a hilarious Mother’s Day video (or 8 ) on Mom’s Facebook wall.

1) Mom Spam Get a lot of junk email from your mom? Return the favor this Mother’s Day.

2) Mr T. I pity the foo who doesn’t treat their mom right by showing her this “classic!”

3) The Mom Song The Skit Guys each have their own way of express their love for mom.

4) Barats and Bareta Mom’s love pics of their kids, right?

5) Barats and Bareta – the lego version You really know a video is great when someone creates a lego version of it, right?

6) Muthahood Anita Renfro goes “street” with this rap about the challenges moms endure.

7) Mother’s Day Rap Awwwww…

8 ) Texting Mom Mom may not be up to speed on all the latest technology, but that’s ok; we love her anyway.

Which are you gonna share with mom? Know of any other good Mother’s Day videos?

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