Awesome Video: Will You Validate?

I saw this video the other day on Trey Pennington’s blog, and I think it’s just fantastic!

It is 16 minutes long, so don’t try to watch it if you’re on the clock at work.  But I think it’s really worth the the time.

Trey primarily applied the theme of the video to social media.  He wrote:

Here’s the foundational principle at work on social media:

  • everyone wants to be heard
  • everyone wants to be understood
  • everyone wants to know his or her life matters.

Social media is really no different than off-line, “real” life.

Every person wants to be treated like a person.

Every person is unique.

Every person is special.

Every person is gifted.

Every person can make a great impact on others.

Not only that, but…

You are unique.

You are special.

You are gifted.

You can make a great impact on others.

You are awesome!

If you can believe that, then let’s take it one step further.

Every person you meet today is unique, gifted, and capable of making a great impact on others.

Will you notice?

Will you tell them?

Not just the smart, the beautiful, the popular, the well-connected.  Everyone.

Will you validate?

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