iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

This week I bought my first smart phone – an iPhone 3Gs, and I’m super excited about the prospect of being better connected and better organized than ever!

Even the fact that it took me almost 24 hours get it activated yet and the iPhone support guy seemed more interested selling me a 2 year service agreement than providing support hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm.

I’ve already installed a few apps – Facebook, Tweetdeck, and YouVersion, but I could use the advice of some seasoned iPhone veterans…

What are the iPhone apps you can’t live without?

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  1. I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions, Paul, but here’s some I like a lot:

    Youversion Bible
    ESV Bible
    Seth Godin’s app
    Read it Later

  2. Logos

  3. If you are on Twitter, Echofon is a great app
    If you have a Kindle, Amazon Kindle app
    Since you have video, try out Qik.com

  4. Shazam, for music discovery on the go
    Twitterific or Twitbird, for obvious reasons
    CCEL NRSVA, for Bible and Christian classics
    ScoreMobile, for keeping up on North American sports scores

    Hope my faces help.


  5. Definitely get Evernote. Pandora. Tripit if you travel a lot because it does a great job organizing your trips. Amazon if you buy from them a lot. I have the app Audiobooks to listen to recordings of classic books that are in the public domain. The Weather Channel (I use it every day to check the weather where I am and where I’m going if I’m traveling). And finally AroundMe, if you travel a lot it is a great app for locating ATMs, Restaurants, Starbucks etc in your vicinity. Hope that helps

  6. I have USPS for quick zip code searches.

    Dragon Search let’s you use a voice command to search the net. Very cool.

    I agree that Pandora is a must.

    I don’t network much, but Bump is cool if you do.

    I use the standard apps voice memo and Notes ALL THE TIME.

    As a musician, Guitar Tuner and Metronome are helpful.

    I’ll be checking out the other suggestions. Thanks for the forum.

  7. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I like bump. While I wouldn’t call it a “can’t live without” app, I really like Disney World Wait Times app.

    I also like the BeerWineLog app. I love trying different beers but always forget what I’ve tried. The cool thing about the app is it automatically logs the date & location and let’s you take a picture & add notes/ratings.

    I’ll definitely be checking out evernote, pandora, & a bunch of others.

    Thanks for the suggestions and keep em coming.

  8. Hello,
    My favorites are these:

    1. AcroBible NIV (though I prefer NKJV)
    2. Daily Help (by:Charles H Spurgeon)
    3. Echofon (for Twitter)
    4. Palringo (for YM, MSN, etc)
    5. Dictionary.com
    6. CNN
    7. ChannelNewsAsia
    8. TheHouseFM

  9. Twitteriffic
    Shazam (song discovery app)
    Omnifocus (GTD styled project management)
    picPosterous (posterous is amazing me w/ it’s versatility & connectivity to other sites)
    Boxcar (notification for Twitter & FB; + add ons for gmail, growl, other Twitter options, etc)
    SimpleMindX (mindmapping app)
    starbucks, amazon, redbox, fandango

  10. Idd like to add to THE above:
    Layar (amazing ‘ surrounding checker’)
    Whatsapp messenger

    btw: good question!

  11. Well the only things I can offer that are radically different are:

    My geocaching app – the family and I got into this last year and although it’s a real battery drainer it is far cheaper than buying a fully fledged GPS unit.

    The other two are games, should you ever find the time (your re-hab may need some distractions) and they are:
    fieldrunners and doodlejump

    Whatever, enjot it.

    • My brother, his wife, my wife, and I started geocaching on a whim while at Stone Mountain, Georgia last weekend. I bought the groundspeak app. Love both geocaching & the app. Took our kids geocaching Monday evening & they have been asking about going again ever since.

  12. That’s fab – another set of coverts 🙂

    This link http://stuart.dyckhoff.co.uk/geocaching/ is to my personal blog (very infrequently updated) but talks about our very first family find. Not surprisingly we’re on groundspeak os ‘stubbyd.

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