Do you text while driving? This could be you…

I’m fortunate not to have to do a lot of driving on a regular basis. My home, work, church, and kids’ school are all within a couple miles of each other.  So, it wasn’t until this past weekend while I driving across the state of Florida for a long weekend in Daytona Beach I noticed latest driving distraction.  I saw at least 3 people sending text messages while they were driving.  This was not stopped at a light but while their car was moving.

If you’ve ever texted while driving or if you have a teenager who drives, please watch this video.

Pretty gruesome, huh?

According to this (Sarasota) Hearald Tribune article:

Research at the University of Utah shows that texting car drivers are eight times more likely to crash than drivers who aren’t texting. The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute found that truckers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to cause a crash or near-crash than truckers who don’t.

Isn’t your life, the lives of your passengers, and the other people on the road worth pulling into a parking lot if you really need to read or send a text to someone?

Thanks to Michael Hyatt for posting about this.

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