It’s a dynamic word.

It implies motion… big motion.

We LEAP for joy.

We try to LEAP frog the competition.

Scientists pursue research that will give us a quantum LEAP forward in technology.

And then there’s the biggest, scariest LEAP of all…

A LEAP of faith.

It’s one thing to take a step of faith. Steps are fairly easy. One foot is still securely on the ground while the other moves forward.

But then there are those times when we can’t step forward.

There’s a creek.

A crevasse.

A chasm.

It can’t be crossed without taking a risk and throwing both feet into the air.

leapIf you’re at that point where you are on one side and your God-given dream is on the other side of a chasm too big to step across, perhaps today is the day….

Gauge the distance well.

Ask your friends to cheer you on.

Get a running start.

And then…



Is today your Leap Day?

16 Responses to “LEAP”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Paul! Well.. maybe not today exactly. But they say it applies to all 2012 as a leap year. From that prospective I definitely would say so. 😉

  2. Excellent, Paul. I really appreciated the encouragement. Last week I resigned my church at the age of 54 to take a position with no salary. I’m leaping!

  3. I’m with Alex. Today may not be the exact day, but this leap year is definitely the year!

  4. This is definitely a Leap Year for us. Unemployed two weeks before Christmas and starting over. Took time to evaluate my life and career path over the holidays and now we’re going full speed ahead into the swift currents of self employment. As an artist, no less.

    We have leapt into Social Media with a vengeance to support that.

    My son advised that we’ll be making the leap from parents to grand-parents this summer.

    2012 is gonna be epic.

  5. Taking leaps of faith are hard but so important when it comes to moving forward in life. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Just remembered the Bible verse that says “without FAITH,we can’t please HIM,and this faith is not from ourselves,but from God.”May God teach us how to have unconditional faith in Him,which will eventually make us love Him more and more.Amen 🙂

  7. How can everything not happen for a reason, good or bad? God knows every move we will make before it happens. He uses all the negativity in the world to contrast to the greatness of His perfection. We make bad choices, other people’s bad choices affect us, life in general deals us pain, but if we rely on God to get us through those bad times, His mercy and love can shine. It doesn’t mean that we will be delivered from all suffering, but that God can use it to reveal Himself to us and others. It’s like the message in the movie BUTTERFLY EFFECT. No matter how circumstances change the eventual outcome is the same. Every action has a reaction and serves the purpose of leading to the next event/reaction. All our paths lead to eventual death. We may get there through disease, natural or manmade disaster or old age, but we must all die one way or another.

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