It’s a dynamic word.

It implies motion… big motion.

We LEAP for joy.

We try to LEAP frog the competition.

Scientists pursue research that will give us a quantum LEAP forward in technology.

And then there’s the biggest, scariest LEAP of all…

A LEAP of faith.

It’s one thing to take a step of faith. Steps are fairly easy. One foot is still securely on the ground while the other moves forward.

But then there are those times when we can’t step forward.

There’s a creek.

A crevasse.

A chasm.

It can’t be crossed without taking a risk and throwing both feet into the air.

leapIf you’re at that point where you are on one side and your God-given dream is on the other side of a chasm too big to step across, perhaps today is the day….

Gauge the distance well.

Ask your friends to cheer you on.

Get a running start.

And then…



Is today your Leap Day?

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