2014 Global Leadership Summit Session 8: Louie Giglio #gls14


Pastor, Passion City Church; Founder of the Passion Movement

SESSION 8: Closing Session

  • Visionary Architect and Director of the Passion Movement, comprised of Passion Conferences, Passion City Church and sixstepsrecords
  • Passion Conferences, founded in 1997, unite college-aged people in events around the globe—most recently gathering 40,000 students at Passion 2014 in Atlanta and Houston
  • Giglio also leverages his voice for the END IT Movement, raising awareness and funding for non-profits unified to stop modern-day slavery
  • Author of several books, and widely known for Passion messages Indescribable and How Great is Our God

Session Notes

  • The doorposts of the gateway to the kingdom of God are humility and honor.
  • All the glory goes to God, but the honor goes to people.
  • We honor Bill Hybels for persevering for 20 years, the hundreds of millions of people who are impacted by the people attending the Summit.
  • What is your mountain? The heights you are going to ascend?
  • A lot of times I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing, but I don’t want that to stop me [from believing God is going to do something great]
  • You don’t have to know everything about how to get up the mountain today to take the next step
  • Life is short
    • Most people don’t have a sense of urgency about the great things in life
    • The stakes are too high for us to die with a small vision.
  • God is big
    • Leaders think this way: life is short but God is big.
    • Biggest idea of my life is that everything is about Jesus and his glory.
  • Take the next step
    • The only way to the top is one step at a time.
    • 1) Whatever that step is, you can do it.
    • 2) Whatever that step is, you can’t do it – you can only do it on with God’s help.
  • 3 of my hardest steps
    • 1
      • Father was mentally and physically disabled in a matter of days by a brain virus… father funeral was the same day as the 10 year celebration at Baylor. After 3 months in Atlanta, the vision for Passion became clear.
      • In 1964, Louie’s dad created the Chic-fil-a logo.
      • Passion conference took place at Georgia Dome, Chic-fil-a logo from the Bowl game the day before was below his feet as he proclaimed the gospel to 64,000 college students.
      • God cannot use a man greatly until he wounds him deeply. -Tozer
    • 2
      • Right at the beginning of planting a church… Had an anxiety attack… 5 months in a dark place…
      • There are a lot of leaders at this Summit but no Saviors attending.
      • Church decided to take a 2 week Sabbath… Bad idea… but we decided if the church is going ot succeed it’s going to be God’s doing and not mine.
    • 3
      • 5 days after the dome story was on every news outlet… was called a “hater…”
      • Was asked to pray for the country (inauguration?)
      • Backed away rather than cause a commotion…
      • It galvanized us around the vision God had given us
  • Humility is not a character trait to be developed but the byproduct of spending time with Jesus.
  • When I am weak, I am strong.
  • God will give you the grace to take the next step you need to take.
  • The goal is not to get up mountains but to get to the arms of Jesus.
  • The arms of Jesus is our extraction point.
  • Jesus only had one extraction point… the tomb.
  • We are not going to cash out…
  • You have a great God who is going to lead you all the way through.

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