2013 Global Leadership Summit Session 5a: Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny 2013Co-Founder, VitalSmarts; Best-selling Business Author

Session 5: Mastering the Skill of Influence

  • Business strategy expert who has developed a proven method for driving sustainable and measurable change in human behavior
  • Founded corporate training company, VitalSmarts—one of the fastest growing companies in America that has taught 300 of the Fortune 500 Companies
  • Utilizing a research-based approach to organizational effectiveness, he is author of four best-selling books including Crucial Conversations and Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

Session Notes

  • Leadership is intentional influence.
  • Behaviors have changed when it comes to playing online games, eating habits, smoking habits. Influence has changed behavior.
  • Story of Jane, Nairobi woman who turned to prostitution. 800,000 “Janes” in the Nairobi area.
  • Vital behavior – if we can get Jane to save a little bit each week, it would not only change her financial situation but her life.
  • Research w kids, gave them $40, made candy available at 10x normal cost. Not a good deal but they bought it anyway. When asked they weren’t sure why.
  • Why did they fail?
    • Gave the kids samples
    • Didn’t give them any skills
    • Social influence
    • Decorated w happy kids eating candy
    • Used credit not cash
  • Then they changed the influencers. Savings went from $13 to $34.
Motivation Ability
presonal 1 2
social 3 4
structural 5 6


  • Personal motivation
    • Personal motivation problems are where good behavior feels bad, bad behavior feels good.
    • Don’t just teach principles. Connect to values.
    • Help people frame specific choices in godly ways.
  • Want more influence?  The practice setting must approximate the real world.
  • Example: Washington HOV lane, 20% were “cheaters.” Put up signs to report violators. Violators received brochures. Cheaters dropped by 80%.
  • Make bad choices harder, more conscious. Make good choices easier, more obvious.
  • We don’t get to choose these influence factors. You either get them working for you or they work against you.
  • Want to change the world?  Learn how to change behavior.

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