2013 Global Leadership Summit Session 4b: Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett 2013Four-time Emmy Award Winner; Executive Producer,

SurvivorThe Voice and The Bible

Session 4: Unscripted Leadership

  • Named one of The World’s Most Influential People, Time Magazine
  • Producer of a renewed series on each of the four major U.S. television networks, with over 1,200 hours of programming that regularly airs in 70+ countries worldwide
  • Together with wife Roma Downey, he produced a 10-hour docudrama series on The Bible releasing globally Spring 2013
  • Inducted into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame, he is listed as TV Guide’s Most Valuable Player and has a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Session Notes

  • No door is closed in America. But you have to take action.
  • When I hear “no” all I hear is N.O. – next opportunity.
  • When God calls you, you actually have to get your ass off the couch and do something.
  • Stop playing defensively and start playing offensively. Stop apologizing to the media about doing the Bible.
  • Bill: Why was The Bible series so successful? Mark: The Holy Spirit
  • The Bible Series opens up an opportunity for people to start conversations about the bible.
  • Choose your your companions before you choose your road.
  • I’m not going to keep “energy suckers” on our teams.
  • Every show has an executive producer (creative) and co-producer (finance). Then need to be able to work together.
  • If you want to lead big teams, don’t try to do it all yourself. What’s the point of hiring great people and then doing their job for them? It’s also insulting.
  • Creative people have to work within budgetary constraints.
  • The bible is the greatest love story in the history of the world.
  • Just because you’re creating a Christian moving doesn’t mean it can be crappy.
  • Played “Mary did you know” scenes from The Bible series
  • Bill Hybels: If you work in the business world, find a way to honor God with what you do well.


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