2012 Global Leadership Summit Session 6a: Pranitha Timothy

Pranitha Timothy - 2012Session 6 – Courage to Act
Pranitha Timothy

Director of Aftercare, International Justice Mission,
Chennai, India

  • Led over 50 slave rescue operations, serving as the chief legal witness in court
  • Developed IJM’s pioneering aftercare strategy for restoration and reintegration, successfully serving thousands of freed slaves
  • Formerly with the Hindustan Bible Institute, she designed and established holistic child development centers in remote parts of India
  • The child of dedicated missionary doctors in rural India, she’s a brain tumor survivor who describes her resulting feeble voice as a “voice for the voiceless”

Session notes

  • Isaiah 42:1-7 –
  • Was diagnosed with a brain tumor, could not hear, speak or swallow.
  • After 2 years, God gave her her voice back. That was 15 years ago.
  • The greatest miracle is not that God restore my voice but that he changed me.
  • She blamed Jesus for separating her from her family and swore she would never become a Christian.
  • Became dark and destructive, was kicked out of school.
  • In her darkest time, she reached out for forgiveness and restoration through Jesus.
  • The hardships she faced gave her empathy and understanding to help those enslaved.
  • This life belongs to God and my strength is his.
  • Told the story rescuing workers enslaved in a rice mill.
  • My family is safer in God’s hands than mine, so I trust Him.
  • God is good, so we are full of hope.
  • We are called to serve…
  • Wow, what an amazing, courageous woman!
  • God, rescue us from fear and things too small to waste our lives on!

What impacted you from Pranitha’s talk?  What action will you take as a result?


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