Take the Positive Pledge

“Being Positive not only makes you better, it makes everyone around you better.”

That’s the premise behind The Positive Pledge, created by author and speaker Jon Gordon.

The Positive Pledge includes 16 specifics including:

  • I pledge to be a positive person and positive influence on my family, friends, co-workers and community.
  • I promise to be positively contagious and share more smiles, laughter, encouragement and join with those around me.
  • When I feel fear I will choose faith.
  • I believe I’m here for a reason and my purpose is greater than my challenges.

For all 16 points, to download a printable copy and to sign The Positive Pledge go to thepositivepledge.com

Do you believe being a positive person is a choice?  Are you committed to being a positive person?  Which of the 16 points resonates most with you?

18 Responses to “Take the Positive Pledge”

  1. Live a live of absolute love of God, positivity, persistence, optimism Like and agree with the pledge, and because of reading it will ‘tune-up’ some points that have become soft.

    Would suggest, however, turn the pledge into a reality statement, or prayer, i.e.

    ‘Thank you God, because I am now able to to be positively contagious and share more smiles, laughter, encouragement and join with those around me.

    Etc, so that you speak it into being…


    • Thanks Charles. I believe being positive is a choice, so by pledging – choosing – to be positive we are making it a reality.

      Of course, we can’t just commit to being positive once and expect to be positive forever after that. It’s a choice we make with each circumstance. That’s why I think it’s great that Jon has made The Positive Pledge a nice looking PDF we can print and keep in front of us as a reminder.

  2. Thanks Paul for sharing! I am a firm believer in good influence of positive. You are right – it is infectious! And it is our choice to be positive! Not things or people, or anything else frustrate us – this is our attitude to that.
    The very first point is my way of living!

  3. That’s how I have always lived my life 🙂

    I pledge to continue.

  4. Do you believe being a positive person is a choice? Yes I believe it is a choice.

    Are you committed to being a positive person? Yes, I have signed the pledge and am ready to become a positive person.

    Which of the 16 points resonates most with you?

    When I am surrounded by pessimism I will choose optimism.

    When I experience a set-back I will be resilient.

    I believe my best days are ahead of me, not behind me.

    I believe I am here for a reason and my purpose is greater than my challenges.

  5. This Positive Pledge is worthy of great praise..a word of great worth. but I thought Some apply to me? maybe forever not find.but Even if 100 percent is impossible,I think that 1% is possible.step by step. be better.

  6. Yes,being positive is a choice ( a positive choice )?I believe I’m here for a reason and my purpose is greater than my challenges!This is the way I choose to live my life and will always continue to live even when surounded by negativety !!!

  7. It’s amazing what a difference a person’s outlook on things make. Even the seemingly smallest hints of pessimism or optimism can make a huge difference on those around you. Great pledge.

  8. christel van den broeck March 23, 2012 at 8:28 pm

    It is silly to live life with the feeling of being positive. I love life, I love the ups and the downs. I accept what I can not change and I try to change what I cannot accept. Life is bigger than positiveness or negativeness. Life goes beyond there.

    • Christel, thanks for the comment. I agree that life goes beyond positiveness or negativeness. It sounds like you have a natural propensity to see the big picture even when experiencing a difficulty. That’s a remarkable blessing.

      There are many people who have developed mental habits of getting down, frustrated or angry when things don’t go as expected. They risk making some bad choices if they don’t intentionally choose to change their focus in those moments, wouldn’t you agree?

  9. Thanks for sharing, Paul. One of the biggest challenges I see in regards to people staying positive is in the workplace. Differing personalities, opinions, work habits, etc, can create a lot of tension, which in turn generates negativity. Voting to stay positive in the face of negativity is important. Remembering that differing views and experiences is not a bad thing and keeping an open mind to others’ thoughts is critical to reducing negativity. The attitude we bring home to our families is significantly influenced by our work environment.

    • Tobin, I think that’s not only true for the workplace but everywhere. There are a lot of people who live life reactively. If circumstances are positive and people around them are positive, then they react positively. But when circumstances and people around them are negative, they react negatively. If everyone were to live that way then any time there was a negative incident things would spiral negatively out of control.

      That’s why we need people who are intentionally positive. We are the people who end the negative cycles and build positive momentum.

  10. Okay, I see the idea behind thinking positive, but do you live in the same economic society that I do?

    Every day I wake up thinking positive thoughts, but by the time breakfast is over with, I don’t see the point in it anymore.

    Sure, bad things happen to everyone and good things happen, but more bad happens than good and I don’t see how “thinking” positively will change that.

    What’s going to happen, is going to happen, regardless of how you think.

    • Hey Scott, thanks for commenting. I don’t know you or what you’re going through right now, but my perspective is that even when I’m facing challenges I still see way more good than bad.

      Last year I spent a week in Kenya where I saw entire families living in shacks not much bigger than my closet, not knowing whether they would eat that day, many dying from AIDS. The way I see it, I’ve got family, a few good friends, food, clean water, shelter and something to wear, so I have a ton to be thankful for.

      I also believe that what you think has a huge impact on how you act, which has a huge impact on your life. For example, if I don’t have a job and think “This economy is terrible, I’ll never find a job” and then don’t bother looking, I will never get a job. But if I think, “The economy may be bad, but there are some companies hiring, it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time” and so I start pounding the pavement, there’s a much better chance that I will eventually get a job.

      What do you think?

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