The Ultimate Global Leadership Summit Twitter Directory #wcagls

2011 global leadership summit, willow creekThe Global Leadership Summit is this Thursday and Friday.  Willow Creek is fully embracing blogging and social media for this summit and so are many of this year’s speakers.

The Summits official Twitter feed is @wcagls and the official hashtag is #wcagls.

2011 Summt Speakers

Summit Blog and Bloggers

I’ll be live blogging each session of the Summit myself, and the Summit has a contingency of excellent bloggers who will be blogging in The Backstage Summit. They include:

So, if you want the ultimate Summit Twitter experince follow them all… or… follow the WCAGLS Twitter list I created.

If you’re going to be tweeting from the Summit, post a comment and leave your Twitter profile.


15 Responses to “The Ultimate Global Leadership Summit Twitter Directory #wcagls”

  1. Thanks for the list. It will be good to hear what’s happening there.

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow, thanks for sharing the list!

  3. Will be tweeting at the summit.

  4. Can’t wait for this year’s Global Leadership Summit. Will be attending the satellite site in Grand Rapids at Kentwood Community Church. Thanks for the twitter list!


  5. Thanks for jumping in, Paul! We “official” bloggers benefit from all the great content pushed out by our colleagues who aren’t huddled together under the stage. 😉

    • Thanks Adam! I’m excited to see that Willow has gone outside of its own organization to work with some excellent bloggers like you. The Summit feels much more engaged with people online than ever before.

  6. I will be tweeting from the summit too… @robertpooley

  7. At a host site. Lot of excitement here. @Shamike2009

  8. I’m tweeting too (@henrywill) and blogging from satellite location at “God’s Square Mile at the Jersey Shore” see my blog at

  9. Don’t forget the satirical PR arm of the WCA! @wca_pr

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