3 Things That Help Me See Into People Rather than Through Them

see into peopleDan Foster has a thought-provoking post on Michael Haytt’s blog this morning in which he asks, “Do you see into people or through them?

What’s the difference? Dan writes

When you see into people, you are not looking for what you are going to get out of that interaction, but, instead, how you can bless the person you are engaging… To be a leader that sees into people is no easy task. It requires courage, self-sacrifice, and the desire to engage people no matter where they are in life.

As I reflect on the post, I think most of us do both. Sometimes we see through people and sometimes we see into people. But if I’m really honest with myself, I have to admit I do more seeing through people, a lot more than I’d like.

I can also see patterns in my life, circumstances where I’m more likely to see through people and other circumstances where I’m more likely to see into people. Three things that put me in a better position to see into people are:

1) Rest. As an introvert, the more tired I am the less I want to engage with people. So, for me getting enough rest is key to having the energy and desire to engage with others where they are at.

2) Margin. The more busy and stressed I am, the more focused I become on getting things done and the more other people and their problems can feel like a barrier to that. When I know I have some margin in my schedule, it’s much easier to listen and fully engage with people.

3) Prayer. When I’m not in tune with God, I have a tendency to focus on my own agenda. When I pray, God gives me perspective. I’m reminded that I’m very blessed & am here to be a blessing to others. I remember people matter more than things. I’m reminded that how I do things matters as much as what I do. I remember life’s a journey, the detours and interruptions along the way are as important as the destination.

Of course, when I don’t have enough rest, margin, prayer that’s no excuse for seeing through people, but it’s important for each of us to put ourselves in the position that will best help us to see into people.

How about you? Do you tend to see into people or through them? What patters do you recognize in your own life that can help put you in a better position to see into people?

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  1. Hey Paul, great perspectives here. I am an introvert at heart as well and it does take a lot of energy to engage other people…and even more to see into, and keep up with, their lives. And I totally agree, when I am lacking rest, margin, and time with God, I tend to see past others and pull back into myself.

  2. Great share Paul… surely something that each person should give a lot of consideration to and be diligently disciplined in, IMHO, no matter what it takes to get there.

    We have to be willing to see each person,no matter who they are, from their heart… the way that God sees people. We have to be willing to see the every essence of God within them, the breathe of life that God has put within them… and the purpose and will of God that HE has for them being here as well.

    One of the things that will be required to do this is to spend time with God.. to hear from God and be taught of God … and not let anything become a distraction in our lives in doing so.

    So yes, it is up to each of us without excuse to put ourselves in whatever position it is that we need to, for us to diligently and in a very disciplined way learn to see people in the way that God sees them… see into them what they are at the very core of their being… and not see through them.. as if part of the very will of God and creative hand of God is to be seen through or ignored!! ??

    • Hey Denise, glad to hear the post resonated with you and that seeing into other people rather than through them is something you’re giving priority. Keep on loving others and putting others first!


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