Your Business Card is CRAP!

I don’t know if this video is true or not, but it’s hilarious.

In addition to being funny, there’s an important marketing principle in there. If you want to get people’s attention you’ve got to stand out from the crowd. To often I see people (and organizations) who think they can be successful by mimicking what successful people (and organizations) are already doing.

They want to have a cool website so they look at other cool websites and make theirs like the others. Everyone is is blogging so they blog about the same stuff. Everyone is twittering so they twitter about the same stuff.

And to be honest, all to often I find myself doing the same thing.

When we do something that’s average, mediocre, or like everyone else, it’s probably boring and will be unsuccessful. Either kick it up or kick it out.

So, what makes you remarkable?

What makes you stand out?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be something you do better than everyone else (thought being #1 at something will make you stand out), just something different.

What mediocre things do you need to stop doing?

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